School report writing template

School report writing template

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School report writing template A ready-made school report writing form intended for use directly for all grades, as the school report is considered one of the most important documents through which the positive and negative points in the educational process and the study strategy used within each semester are identified. Through this report, students are also evaluated and evaluated and the study programs are evaluated. applied within the school, training and other aspects of evaluation included in the school report>

How to write a school report

School report writing template
School report writing template

There are a set of main steps that must be adhered to in order to professionally prepare a ready-made school report writing form that is compatible with all specifications and standards of the correct model school report. These steps include the following:

  • Using easy, simple language, especially in student reports, so that they are understandable to both students and parents as well when viewing them.
  • Clarify the main title of the report so that those who view it can understand the purpose of its preparation. Accuracy must be taken into account, and the title should actually reflect the content of the report.
  • Clarifying the person concerned with viewing the report and saluting him if possible, while also indicating the date the report was edited.
  • Show the reason for writing the report in one brief and expressive sentence, then touch on writing an introduction, then the topic of the report, and then the results that have been monitored through this report.
  • Putting a conclusion to the report containing concluding information and recommendations if possible, and this point depends on the type and nature of the school report.
  • Clarify the name of the report’s author, his signature, his profession or his relationship to this report, and the date the report was submitted to the person concerned with reviewing it, so that the elements of the report are complete.
  • Preparing a draft report, then reviewing the information and data that have been written before obtaining the final version of this report.

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School report writing template

School report writing template
School report writing template

(School report on national event activities)

Edited on the date of – corresponding to / – / – 1442 AH.
To Mr. ______ Principal of ______ School
And Mr. / __________ the principal of the school.
Peace and greetings, and after ________________________________________
On the day of _____ corresponding to _ the end of last month, a report was prepared on the progress of work in the school; Where a group and a family of ____ in the school ____ carried out an activity related to the activities of ____, under the title “__________________________________________”

In light of this, reliance was divided on a group of preparers, a group of student implementers, and the general supervisor of each group in reviving these events. The tasks of each group were as follows:

  • Preparing a school radio program on __, to be implemented by the school’s press and radio family.
  • Creating topics expressing this occasion in the Arabic language classes ____________, relying on the Arabic language group.
  • Exploiting art education classes (drawing) to express the appropriate ____, depending on the art education group.
  • Organizing a visit to _______ center, relying on the leader in the activity of visits and excursions.

After carrying out these tasks, a photo report was prepared, which covered the following:

  • Pictures of the participating students during the radio program, which included several important paragraphs.
  • Some of the images included are examples of topics of expression written by the students on this occasion.
  • Pictures of colorful art drawing subjects that students have done.
  • A picture of the activities of the visit to the ____ Center, which took place in the context of ensuring the clarification of the history of this important occasion for the students.

The results of the report at specific points:

  • The students were able to express themselves and the extent of their perception and the depth of their interest in this very important occasion. This was evident in the topics of drawing and expression and in the radio program during which the students themselves searched and excavated for the necessary information about the occasion.
  • Through the field visit to the Center – the students were also able to obtain a good amount of cultural and historical knowledge closely related to that occasion as well.

At the end of the report, I would like to thank the principal of the school, Mr. Al-Fadil, the principal of the school and the supervisor of the activities and events in the school, with sincere thanks to the families and groups that participated in the implementation of the activities.
And special thanks to His Excellency Mr. _ and Mr. _ who have honored us with attending these events, and to those who participated with effort, even a little, for the success of this most wonderful event.
The presenter of the report, Your Excellency, Professor / __________________ General Supervisor of the various activities and events in the school,
Signature ___________

Date of submitting the report

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school report form ready doc

School report writing template
School report writing template

(Report of a program implemented in the school)

Date of preparation of the report: ________________________________________
Program name: (modern technology benefits and harms)
Reason for applying the program: (Introducing students to the benefits resulting from the application of modern technology, and its harms).
Program application date: On Saturday corresponding to the month of the year
program duration: An hour and a half (90 minutes).
The target group of the program: Twelfth grade students
Program Instructor/ ________________________
Program field: general technique
Number of students: ________________________

The most important objectives of the application of the program:

The desire to apply this program to the students of the twelfth year came in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Clarifying the most important aspects of the pros and cons of using modern technology for the students of the 12th grade, especially that they are on the verge of entering the open world of the university.
  • Learn deeply about the most important areas of using modern technology.
  • Clarify some practical ways that would help students avoid the damages of modern technology.
  • Demonstrate how technology is used to solve problems.

The signature of the field supervisor/ ____________, the school leader/ _______________

You can obtain a ready-to-use school report template prepared in a Microsoft Word file in Word format directly “from here”.

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School report template ready pdf

School report writing template
School report writing template

(A ready-made short school report on the activities of a national event)

Today’s date
The honorable Mr. Principal of the school / ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ
The honorable Mr. Principal of the school / ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ
The honorable Mr. Vice-Chancellor of the school / ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ
I extend to you the abundance of appreciation, respect and reverence, and after ______
On the last Sunday corresponding to the day of the month of the year 1442 AH; A special event was held to celebrate the National National Day, and a number of important activities were prepared in this regard, and they included the following:

  • Preparing a school radio program that deals with the national holiday.
  • Preparing a weekly wall magazine about the history and importance of the national holiday.
  • Holding competitions dealing with questions about the National Day, and distributing prizes to the winners.
  • Allocate the first 15 minutes of the first lesson, for each teacher to talk about the importance of this important national memory.
  • Organizing a visit to __ Museum, which contains many antiquities and displays that deal with the most important information about the National Day.

Report of the activities of the celebration of the National National Day in pictures:

  • _____
  • _____
  • _____
  • _____

School families and private groups helped in various artistic and linguistic activities by participating in an active role in the success of these events to a large extent until the event culminated in achieving its goal, which is honorably reviving this important national occasion in the hearts of students and in all of us, with sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed time And the effort in the success of the event, headed by the esteemed Principal of the School.

The report was prepared by the National Day Celebration Activities Officer, Mr./ _____ Signature __________________

A ready-to-use and editable school report writing form can be obtained in a PDF file “from here”.

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Short prepared school report

(ready report template for student evaluation)

The date of editing the report / _____________ of the academic year 1442 AH.
To the principal of the school / _________, and the guardian of the student / _______________
After kind regards;
We draw your attention to the fact that, over the past month, a set of written, oral, and achievement tests and various school activities were conducted in order to measure the students’ academic achievement, and with regard to the student’s evaluation of _____________ in the primary grade, for the month of _____, it came as follows:

Positive points in the evaluation:

  • The student was able to obtain a full mark in Mathematics.
  • The student was able to obtain advanced marks in the Arabic language and science subjects compared to last month.
  • The student was able to pass the oral exams for all subjects successfully.
  • The student is committed to performing the homework assigned to him in proportion.
  • Achieved an attendance rate of 90%.

Negative points in the evaluation:

  • The student has a score lower than last month in the English language, with a difference of 5 marks.
  • He was unable to answer some of the questions that measure the skill of wit in science.
  • He achieved a lower rating mark in the subjects of history and geography compared to the previous month.
  • The student’s attendance rate decreased from the previous month by 5%, as the student’s attendance rate in the previous month was 95%.
  • The student finds it difficult to integrate with his classmates in group activities.

Based on the findings of this report; We invite the student’s guardian to come to school next Sunday, if possible, to find out the most important requirements of the student in order to maintain his level of progress in all subjects, and what the guardian should do with the student at home, in addition to the role that the school will play.
Yours sincerely
The report was prepared by Mr. / _____ General Supervisor of ____ primary _______ students
Signature / __________________

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A form for writing a report on a school activity, trip or visit

(Report on scientific activity in the school)

History / _______________
To Mr. Principal of the School / ____, and Mr. Deputy Principal / _____________
fragrant greetings, and then,
I chose to write down the report of the work done with the students regarding the scientific activity in the school, as follows:

Activity name: The most important foundations and skills of scientific research among students.
The aim of the activity: Training to develop the capabilities of conducting correct scientific research for students at all academic levels.
Theme and mechanism of activity: Determine the level that students have acquired with regard to the foundations and skills of preparing correct scientific research, and then start listing and clarifying the aspects of agreement and errors between what students have learned and the main rules of research, while clarifying everything that revolves around this matter easily; In order for the students to be able to understand and master it easily, the date for this training has been set to be on the first Sunday of every Gregorian month throughout the first semester of the current academic year, where the students were divided into 3 groups, the first category is for the primary stage, and the second is for the secondary stage. Intermediate, and the third is for high school.
training time: The training duration for each group ranged from 45 to 75 minutes.

The students were trained on the following:

  • Learn how to access reliable sources to rely on in research
  • How to choose the title of the research and put the hypothesis of the scientific study correctly.
  • Clarifying the most important components and main parts of the research, whether the title, introduction, methods, results, conclusion, or references.
  • Clarify the most important specifications that should be included in the research in terms of integrity of language, organization, arrangement and accuracy of the information mentioned within the research.
  • How to develop a vision, proposals and recommendations for each research.

Training stages:

  • Training Curriculum: Relying on the latest digital educational methods in training students to master the preparation of scientific research.
  • Recommendations: Each student must be directed to prepare a research, in order to invest what he learned in the training in a positive way, and thus the most important information that he obtained through the training will be consolidated in his mind in a practical way.
  • Evaluation of the activity: The value of the training was assessed by giving each of the students participating in the activity a document to evaluate this activity.

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Blank school report template

A blank school report, especially if it deals with the same topic as the report, helps in preparing these reports easily and professionally by entering information and data, and then; Print this report and submit it directly to the competent class. However, relying on ready and blank school report forms will avoid grammatical or spelling errors, especially if reliance is made on correct official forms prepared by experts. The following are some of the blank school report forms intended for immediate use.

In conclusion, and at the end of this topic; A group of the best examples of a ready-to-use school report writing form have been discussed in detail by clarifying the method of writing the report professionally, while addressing a large number of school report forms, whether related to school activities, reviving various public events, school reports for student evaluation, or One of the exercises or programs implemented in the school in several formats.

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