Ramadan recipes Manal Al-Alam 2022 are written and with pictures

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Ramadan recipes Manal Al-Alam is one of the best foods that a mother can make at home, as the recipes are characterized by variety and being inexpensive, and their ingredients are often available at home, and many mothers search for them in order to renew the dishes that they will serve to their family every day for breakfast during the holy month of Ramadan And we will present it to you through the following article.

Ramadan recipes accessible to the world 2022

During the month of Ramadan, mothers search for new, different and varied foods in order to make them, so we will present to you the many and varied Ramadan recipes from Manal Al-Alam, which you can make at your home with ease, and here are the recipes in a comprehensive and detailed way:

Broccoli and bechamel recipe from Manal Al-Alam

Broccoli recipes are light and healthy meals that provide the body with many important vitamins. They are also easy to make and are one of the most important items presented by Chef Manal Al Alem. Here is the method of preparation and ingredients for the recipe:

the components

  • Two broccoli.
  • Brown pepper by half a spoonful of r.
  • Olive oil by a quarter of a cup.
  • 500 grams of minced meat.
  • A spoonful of meat seasoning.
  • chopped onion.
  • Salt, to taste.

Bechamel ingredients

  • A small plate of mozzarella cheese.
  • Half a cup of flour.
  • A small plate of cheddar cheese.
  • oil or obesity.
  • Half a cup of milk.
  • A little white pepper.

Preparation steps

  • Bring a deep pot and place it on the stove and make the fire weak, then put water until it boils, then put the broccoli in it and leave it with water for a few minutes.
  • Take out the broccoli after 10 minutes have passed, and turn on the electric oven at 180 degrees.
  • Bring a frying pan with a little oil and put it on the fire, put the meat in it and stir it a little, then put the onions, spices and salt on it and stir them together.

Steps to prepare the bechamel sauce

  • Bring a pot of oil and put it on the stove, put the flour and my heart well until it turns golden, then put the milk, brown pepper and salt, and my heart well.
  • Bring a tray and put a layer of béchamel on the bottom, then put broccoli, meat and cheese and put the rest of the béchamel on them, and put it in the oven until it is cooked, and this is one of the best Ramadan recipes from the world.

Broccoli soup from manal world

Broccoli soup is one of the best meals that can be eaten during the month of Ramadan, because of its great benefit, and it can be prepared easily through the following steps and ingredients:

the components

  • Half a cup of cream.
  • Four tablespoons of oil.
  • dried oregano by half a spoon.
  • chopped onion.
  • A little basil.
  • Three cloves of minced garlic.
  • A little brown pepper.
  • stock cube.
  • Salt, to taste.
  • Three tablespoons of flour.
  • ginger.
  • Half a kilo of broccoli, chopped.

Preparation steps

  • Put a bowl on the stove with oil and onions, then stir the mixture a little until the color of the onions changes to golden. Put the garlic and ginger and my heart.
  • Add the broccoli to the ingredients and stir for a few minutes, then put the flour on them in a gradual manner with stirring, then put the rest of the ingredients and leave them together for a quarter of an hour.
  • Put the ingredients in an electric blender and mix until smooth, then bring to a boil and serve hot.

Tray of broccoli with minced meat from Manal Al Alam

Broccoli can be adopted as a basic and wonderful meal, just add some other ingredients to it, and of course the results will impress you. Here are the ingredients and the method of preparation:

the components

  • A slice of broccoli.
  • Half a cup of olive oil.
  • a spoonful of sugar.
  • 500 grams of minced meat.
  • A little salt and brown pepper.
  • spices.
  • stock cube.
  • Three cloves of minced garlic.
  • A plate of chopped parsley.
  • grated onion

The amounts of tahini

  • Water Cup.
  • A little salt and pepper.
  • A cup and a half of sesame tahini.

Preparation steps

  • In order to prepare the most delicious Ramadan recipes available to the world, bring a pot of water and put it on the stove to boil the broccoli, and put sugar in the water for faster ripening.
  • Put a pot on the stove with olive oil and onions, stir a little, add garlic and spices, put the meat and the rest of the ingredients, and leave the mixture until it is fully cooked.
  • Put the mixture on a tray so that the broccoli is on its face.

Steps to prepare the sauce

  • Bring a pot and put it on the stove, put lemon, salt and sesame paste in it with warm water.
  • Stir the ingredients well, put them on the meat and put them in the oven until they are fully cooked.

Broccoli salad with mayonnaise from Manal Al-Alam

You can prepare the most delicious salad from broccoli, which is one of the delicious types, and it is characterized by being easy to prepare, and you must follow the steps that we will explain until it is made like a professional:

the components

  • A little black pepper.
  • chopped onion.
  • White honey.
  • broccoli fruit
  • 10 pieces of beef bacon.
  • salt.
  • A quarter cup of vinegar.
  • Half a cup of mayonnaise.
  • Raisin dish.

Preparation steps

  • Put the beef pieces in the pan and put it on the fire until it is ripe.
  • Bring a large and deep dish and put the chopped broccoli, onions and raisins in it, and stir the ingredients together.
  • Mix honey with salt, pepper and mayonnaise and put them on broccoli, mix all ingredients with beef and serve like this.

Broccoli and almond salad from Manal Al-Alam

Broccoli salad can be prepared in more than one way, and therefore this dish is one of the most sought-after Ramadan recipes in the world. Here are its steps and ingredients:

the components

  • Celery stick cut into slices.
  • Half a cabbage.
  • Five tablespoons of raisins.
  • A piece of green onion.
  • chopped onion.
  • Three fruits of broccoli.
  • Half a plate of roasted almonds.

Ingredients for broccoli sauce

  • Black pepper.
  • A cup of curdled milk.
  • Half a cup of mayonnaise.
  • salt.
  • sugar.
  • Apple cider vinegar by three tablespoons.

Preparation steps

  • Bring a bowl and add all the ingredients to it except milk, lemon, vinegar and mayonnaise and stir them together well.
  • Put the milk in a saucepan over the heat, then add the vinegar and lemon and stir well, then put the mayonnaise, sugar and salt and stir.
  • Put the mixture on the ingredients of the salad, and you can serve it hot or after it cools down, according to your desire.

Modus operandi of ten minutes dough manal world

Ramadan Manal Al-Alam recipes are distinguished by being simple and can be made in more than one way. Here, the dough can be used to make pancakes, pizza, or dessert. Here are its ingredients and preparation methods:

the components

  • A quarter cup of sugar.
  • Two tablespoons of instant yeast.
  • Two cups of lukewarm water for kneading.
  • a spoonful of salt.
  • Five cups of flour.
  • Half a cup of oil.

How to prepare

  • Bring a bowl and put sugar, yeast and water in it, then stir them together and leave them for a while.
  • Put two cups of flour in a bowl, add water gradually, and knead. Leave the dough for a few minutes, then start adding flour and oil, and stir them together.
  • After you finish kneading and adding the yeast, you can now use it for whatever you want.

How to make a waffle

Waffle is one of the most loved items by children and adults, and it is a quick dessert. Here are its ingredients and method of preparation:

the components

  • Two tablespoons of scrambled eggs.
  • spoonful of vanilla.
  • Half a cup of pure oil.
  • a cup of milk
  • A spoonful of soft sugar.
  • Two cups of flour.
  • Half a cup of baking powder.
  • a little salt.

How to prepare

  • Prepare the waffle maker and heat it up.
  • Put the eggs with the vanilla and mix with the bat manually, put the oil, milk and sugar, then stir them well until the traces of sugar fade away.
  • Add the flour, baking powder, and salt and mix them together until complete homogeneity, then put an appropriate amount of the mixture in the device and close it until maturity.
  • It is served after decorating its face with powdered sugar.

How to make waffles without a machine

Waffle can be made at home with simple ingredients, and you can also make it without its own device, and to know the method, follow the following:

the components

  • two eggs
  • vanilla.
  • Spoonful white sugar.
  • A quarter cup of liquid butter.
  • A cup and three quarters of a cup of milk.
  • Two cups of flour.
  • Baking powder spoonful.
  • a little salt.
  • ground cinnamon by half a spoon p.
  • Chocolate sauce.
  • Strawberry.
  • baking powder.

How to prepare

  • Beat the eggs with a whisk, put the butter, vanilla, sugar, salt, flour, cinnamon, milk and baking powder, then mix the ingredients together.
  • We put the mixture in a tray in the form of pieces and put it in the oven until it is cooked. Decorate the waffle with chocolate and strawberries before you serve it.

How to make chocolate waffle

Chocolate is one of the most common types of sweets, and adults and children love it because of its wonderful taste, and in order to make waffles with chocolate, you must follow the steps that we will mention to you:

the components

  • Two cups of flour.
  • A cup of chocolate chips.
  • Two tablespoons of sugar.
  • Baking powder in the amount of a spoonful of p.
  • a little salt.
  • a little cinnamon.
  • Half a cup of milk.
  • A third of a cup of butter.
  • two eggs
  • vanilla.

How to prepare

  • Heat the waffle maker, brush it with oil, and flip the device on the other side until it is well heated, as this is necessary for the waffle to mature.
  • Put the flour with sugar, baking powder, chocolate, salt and cinnamon in a bowl and mix them together, then put the milk, butter, eggs and vanilla together in another bowl and mix them well.
  • Gradually sprinkle the flour over the milk mixture with continuous reduction, then put a little of the mixture in the device and close it.
  • Wait two minutes, then turn on the appliance and make sure the waffle is done and golden.
  • It is served garnished with honey and fruit, and this dessert was one of Ramadan’s recipes, accessible to the world.

How to make waffles with Nutella

Nutella is one of the most popular varieties in general and has many fans, so we present to you how to make caravans with it:

the components

  • a cup of flour.
  • Half a cup of milk.
  • Four tablespoons of sugar.
  • liquid vanilla.
  • Two tablespoons of instant yeast.
  • A quarter cup of liquid butter.
  • an egg.
  • salt.
  • fruit.
  • Nutella.

How to prepare

  • Mix sugar, milk and yeast in a bowl and add eggs, salt and vanilla to them, then put the flour and butter and stir them together.
  • Leave the dough in a warm environment until it ferments, then put the chocolate and grease the waffle maker with oil and let it heat up.
  • Put the mixture in the device and flip it on both sides until it softens, then serve the waffle with fruit and cream.

How to make waffles with cheese

Waffles can be made to be breakfast or dinner, by slightly changing its ingredients, and here is the method and steps for making it:

the components

  • 350 grams of flour.
  • 10 grams of sugar.
  • 10 grams of salt.
  • A little bit of baking powder.
  • A little sodium bicarbonate.
  • Four egg yolks.
  • 50 ml of oil.
  • 50 grams of liquid butter.
  • 350 grams of warm milk.
  • Four egg whites.
  • 100 grams of cheddar.
  • 100 grams of mozzarella.

How to prepare

  • Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix them together.
  • Put the yolks, oil, butter and milk in a different bowl, then mix them together.
  • We put the whites with salt on them and mix them with the electric mixer, then add the mixture to the flour and after stirring them well, leave them for at least 30 minutes.
  • Add the cheddar cheese, stir, then prepare the waffle maker, brush it with oil and leave it to heat up.
  • We put a little of the mixture, then the mozzarella cheese, and leave it until it is fully cooked.

How to make salty waffles

The waffle is distinguished by its ability to be a savory meal or a dessert, and after we presented many ways for it while it is a dessert, we will show you its method while it is salty, as follows:

the components

  • Three white.
  • Vinegar by a spoon p.
  • Half a cup of oil.
  • A box of yogurt.
  • A quarter cup of water.
  • A small plate of green thyme.
  • A small plate of white cheese.
  • a little salt.
  • Two cups of flour.
  • baking powder.

How to prepare

  • Put eggs, oil, vinegar, milk and water in an electric mixer to mix them well.
  • Put the cheese and thyme on the ingredients and mix, but on the slowest speed.
  • Add the flour in a deep bowl, then mix it with salt and baking powder.
  • Put the mixture on the flour and then knead them together, until the texture becomes semi-liquid.
  • We grease the device with oil, it is heated, then we put the mixture in it and leave it for a while until it is fully cooked.
  • It can be served for breakfast or dinner, because it is a light and delicious meal, and this is one of the Ramadan recipes from Manal Al-Alam.

Waffle method without eggs

There are many people who do not prefer eggs in their homework, either because they are allergic to them or not eating them, so we will present to you a way to make them at home without adding eggs:

the components

  • Two cups of flour.
  • Baking powder in the amount of one tablespoon.
  • Two tablespoons of sugar.
  • Two cups of milk.
  • Two tablespoons of oil.
  • Two tablespoons of water.
  • vanilla.
  • Four tablespoons of butter.

How to prepare

  • Put the flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl and stir them together.
  • Add the milk, water, butter and oil, in a different bowl, then stir until well combined.
  • Gradually add flour to them, then mix them well until the mixture blends together, and we leave the ingredients together for 15 minutes.
  • We prepare the waffle maker, grease it with oil, add the mixture to it, then close it until it is fully cooked and its color is golden.
  • We decorate the waffle according to the desire of the individual.

Through the article, we got to know many Ramadan recipes from around the world, and we explained each recipe in a detailed and comprehensive way so that you can make it at home in a professional way and with ease, and we presented several types of waffles and broccoli to satisfy all tastes.

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